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Vitamin D supplements can help keep COPD attacks at bay

Vitamin D supplements

According to new study by Queen Mary university of London, the oral use of vitamin D supplements led to a 45 per cent reduction in lung attacks among COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases) patients. So the deficiency of vitamin D could be seen as one of the key reasons linked to COPD. However patients with higher levels of vitamin D could not see any benefits.


COPD is a combination of lung diseases including emphysema and chronic bronchitis which causes airflow blockage, making it harder to breathe. It affects about 170 million people all over the world and killed about 3.2 million people in 2015.

Lead researcher Adrian Martineau, Professor from the Queen Mary University of London said,

“Vitamin D supplements are safe, and it costs just a few pence to supplement a person for a year so this is a potentially highly cost-effective treatment that could be targeted at those who have low vitamin D levels following routine testing.”

“New treatments are urgently required to control the cases of COPD, our study suggest that giving supplements to vitamin D deficient COPD patients almost halves the rate of potentially fatal attacks.”

For the study, published in the journal Thorax, the team included 469 patients across three clinical trials in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Vitamin D is a safe supplement known for good bone health.  Previous studies reveal its role in protecting against colds, flu and asthma attacks along with weight gain and brain development in malnourished children.


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