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Poll: 61 Percent Say Racial Inequality in Workplace Should Be Addressed

Most Americans say that racial inequality in the workplace is a topic that should be addressed, according to a new poll.

A CNBC All America Economic survey released Thursday indicates that Americans are divided on the subject of racial equality at work by both race and by party.

Poll results show:

  • 24% of Americans believe there is racial equality in the workplace.
  • 38% of Republicans say they do not see an issue with racial inequality in the workplace compared to 12% of Democrats who feel the same way. 
  • 61% of Americans say the topic of racial inequality in the workplace needs to be addressed.

Of those, who say the topic of racial inequality needs to be addressed, 73% are Democrats, 60% are independents and 43% are Republicans, according to the poll. 

White men see less of a problem than white women by 9 percentage points, according to the poll. Americans who live in the South are less concerned about the issue than those in the Northeast.

Americans agree the best way to address the topic is through recruiting, hiring and training more Black employees, according to the survey results.

But Black respondents said they prefer a top-down solution. They said they want to see more Black workers promoted into senior leadership positions and more Black members serving on boards of directors.

The poll surveyed 800 Americans between June 19-21. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

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