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Obesity Causes 12 Types of Cancers – World Cancer Report Fund Says

Obesity Causes 12 Types of Cancers Obesity Causes 12 Types of Cancers

Key Highlights:

  • Daily work out helps cut risk of cancer according to World Cancer Report Fund
  • Approximately 1.97 adults and more than 338 million kids are obese or overweight globally and are at major risk of having cancer
  • World Cancer Report Fund recommends to lower weight to get rid of cancer

Are you overweight or obese? There is no right time than now to start exercises! According to a recent research published by World Cancer Report Fund or WCRF, daily work outs help cut risk of cancer. If you eat healthy foods and are physically active, then you are the luckiest one. The recent report of WCRF says staying physically fit is the best remedy to avoid risk of cancer. Good food not only keeps you healthy, but it also saves you from dangers of cancer.

The report published by WCRF includes useful info on how obesity or being overweight is linked to cancer. According to this report, obesity may cause 12 types of cancers including colorectal and breast cancer. This report includes numbers on overweight people around the globe. This number of obese people is a serious health concern everyone should think of. There are approx. 1.97 billion adults and 338 million overweight kids in the world. This count is till 2016 only. Just imagine how many more have been included in it by now.

Fatness can be one of the major reasons for a surge in rectal and colon cancer rates among youngsters and people between 30 to 40 years old. Similar research was done by the American Cancer Society researchers that noticed weight gain, poor diets, and inactivity as major reasons for surge in cancerous patients.

Dr. Kate Allen, executive director of science and public affairs at WCRF International wrote in his blog post:

“It’s unlikely that there are ‘magic bullet’ specific foods or nutrients that in themselves cause or protect against cancer. Rather, different patterns of diet and physical activity combine to create a metabolic state that makes you more or less susceptible to cancer.”

Now you may want to know what are remaining 10 other cancers mentioned in the report. Ten other cancers include kidney, gallbladder, mouth, liver, pharynx and larynx, ovarian, esophageal, stomach, prostrate, and pancreatic.

According to this report drinking alcohol is one of the risk factors for cancer. Drinking more than two pegs can increase your risk of esophageal or liver cancers. BUT, consuming up to TWO pegs a day can also save you from cancer.

This report also mentions that mothers who breastfeed have an advantage. Breastfeeding could decrease the risk of cancer in women.

Apart from cancer, there are many other serious diseases that obesity increases risk of. It also increases chances of getting Type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report says 28% of Americans age 18 and elder are overweight.

The report published by WCRF also provides ways to lower weight and get rid of cancer risk. Recommendations to lower chances of cancer include eating healthy food, exercise, reducing processes or red meats consumption, and strictly saying ‘NO’ to highly processed or fast foods and sugar-sweetened drinks. Sugar-sweetened drinks and fast food promote obesity and if not controlled in time, may cause cancer.

Here are few more recommendations that may help you lower risk of cancer and heart diseases.

Stay physically active. Activities like walking, dancing, gardening, and household chores help remain fit and healthy.

Eat foods rich in vegetables, fruit and beans, and wholegrains.

Avoid usage of supplements to prevent cancer. Instead focus on your diet and try to gain everything from want from your food.


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