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Bernie Kerik to Newsmax TV: ‘Go After Thugs’ Not Maskless

Police officers in Chicago need to be going after the illegal gun-wielding thugs instead of mask-less citizens, according to former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik on Newsmax TV.

“You have mayors, you have governors out there doing things they shouldn’t be doing,” Kerik told “Saturday Report,” adding a rebuke of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for focusing more on harassing citizens than addressing gun violence.

“The men and women in law enforcement should be out there enforcing the law,” he continued. “The mayor of Chicago has assigned details of cops to go out and harass people over wearing masks, but last weekend she had 46 shootings and five homicides.

“I strongly believe those cops should be working the streets, going after the thugs, going after the gun runners, going after the gang members, instead of jerking around with people telling them to wear a mask and step away from somebody.”

Kerik lamented police officers being sent out to impose rules by “dictator governors that aren’t really laws.”

“It’s unconstitutional,” Kerik added. “Cops should be enforcing real law, going after bad guys.

“And the sheriffs and the police chiefs, they’ve got to knock it off,” he concluded.

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